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Hawaiian Railway Society
91-1001 Renton Rd.
Ewa Beach, Hawaii 96706
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Mr. Glen Houlton
Director of Restoration


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Although the historically minded among us will know that Hawaii was not a state in 1949, and wonder why it has a boxcar, Hawaiians had contributed a large amount of sugar to the Friendship Train's relief goods that went to France in 1947. Although I haven't read of what the residents of the District of Columbia contributed to that effort, I feel quite confident that it was significant and that the French people wanted to make sure that expressions of their gratitude would reach those peoples in Hawaii and Washington D.C. Therefore they did designate one of the cars to be shared by those communities. Although I have not yet found any official reports that tell me how the gifts were split, Hawaii does have the box car.
Glen Houlton has found 1949 Hawaiian newspaper articles which name some of the Merci Train gifts that were in the boxcar upon its arrival in Hawaii; contact Glen for more information about this subject


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