Merci Train - Texas

Texas Merci Baxcar. Photo courtesy of Alan Denman, Forty & Eight Voiture, Austin, Texas

Photo courtesy of David J. Knutson
Grand Chef de Gare
Grande Voiture du Texas
Austin, Texas

Texas Flag

Texas Military Forces Museum
Camp Mabry
2200 West 35th Street
Austin, TX 78703
PO Box 5218
Austin, TX 78763
Hours of operation:
Tues-Sun - 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Closed Monday

David J. Knutson
Grand Chef de Gare
Grand Voiture du Texas
Phone: (512) 736-2377

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Some of Texas' Merci gifts are located at the Briscoe Center for American History - a research center - on the University of Texas Campus in Austin. These artifacts are not on display.

Louis XIV coat Louis XIV coat

Photos above by Earl Bennett

This monument of gratitude was one of the Merci gifts in the Texas boxcar and still sits beside the boxcar today.

The photo below was taken by William D. Wray

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Monument - 'In Testimony of Recognition'

A basic translation of the above inscription says "In Testimony of Recognition".

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Artillery Pen and Inkwell A Artillery Pen and Inkwell B Artillery Pen and Inkwell C Artillery Pen and Inkwell D Bell A
Bell and Plaque Bell A Bell Plaque Bollinger Bucket A Bollinger Bucket B
Bollinger Bucket C Bollinger Bucket Plaque Boy Doll A Boy Doll B Boy Doll C
Coat A Coat B Coat C Coin Medallion Front A Coin Medallion Front B
Coin Medallion Rear A Coin Medallion Rear B Doll Plaque Embroidered Linen Set A Embroidered Linen Set B
Embroidered Linen Set Label A Embroidered Linen Set Label B Fancy Doll A Fancy Doll B Fancy Doll C
Fancy Doll D Fancy Doll E Fancy Doll F Framed Bertrand Medals Top Row Framed Bertrand Medals Bottom Row
Framed Bertrand Medals Framed Bertrand Medals Plaque Letter Opener Engraving Letter Opener Front Letter Opener Reverse
Miniature Chest A Miniature Chest B Miniature Chest C Miniature Chest D Miniature Chest E
Miniature Cupboard A Miniature Cupboard B Miniature Cupboard C Miniature Cupboard D Miniature Cupboard E
Miniature Cupboard F Miniature Furniture Plaque Miniature Grandfather Clock A Miniature Grandfather Clock B Miniature Grandfather Clock C
Miniature Grandfather Clock D Miniature Grandfather Clock E Mob Cap Doll A Mob Cap Doll B Mob Cap Doll C
Mob Cap Doll D Mortar & Pestle A Mortar & Pestle B Mortar & Pestle C Mortar & Pestle D
Renault Car A Renault Car B Renault Car C Renault Car D Renault Car E
Ribbon Cap Doll A Ribbon Cap Doll B Ribbon Cap Doll C Stone Carving A Stone Carving B
Stone Carving C Stone Carving D Wedding Veil Coronet

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