Merci Train - Oregon

Oregon Boxcar

Oregon Merci Boxcar at its new location in N. Bend, OR shown on the day of its dedication, July 15, 2006. Since then, as seen in John Steven's July 2010 photos below, the openings in the wood framework have had glass or plexiglass put in them on all four sides, thus providing further protection from the elements.
P.S. We appreciate your suffering getting rained on to make these pictures for us John.

Oregon Flag

Simpson Park
N. Bend, OR

Mr. Kevin Owens - E-mail Kevin
40 & 8 Society - Voiture #316
N. Bend, OR - 541-297-1899

Coos History Museum has a collection of some of the artifacts that came in the Oregon boxcar, many are on display.
1210 N. Front St `
Coos Bay, OR 97420 - 541-756-6320
Vicki Wiese - Collections Manager - E-mail Vicki

Other gifts can be found at the
Benton County Historical Society and Museum.
1101 Main St
Philomath, OR 97330 - 541-629-6230 Ext-304
Mary Gallagher - Collections Manager - E-mail Mary

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Oregon Boxcar Oregon Boxcar

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Oregon Boxcar
Boxcar at its former location at Old Fort Stevens Historical Park
in Hammond, OR.

Since 1951, the Benton County Historical Society has been preserving historical artifacts, photographs, and manuscripts. The society is located in the 1867 Philomath College building which is on the National Register of Historic Places, The Society opened the building to the public in 1980 as a history museum, research library and art gallery. The Merci Train boxcar artifacts came to the BCHS as a part of the Horner Collection, which was transferred from Oregon State University after the University's Horner Museum was closed due to budget reductions.

All pictures below courtesy of John Irving

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Note from Lise Grillot Two wheeled dog cart Eisenhower HQ
Haystacks in field by E.D. Marzo Cranes in flight Gratitude postcard back
Association of Blind medallion Star shaped tatting Soldiers Top American Revolution Bottom defender of the New Republic
Liberation dress from Lise Grillot Gratitude postcard front Liberation celebration Montcerf, France Aug. 27, 1944

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