Merci Train - Hawaii

Hawaii Merci Boxcar Hawaii Flag

Hawaiian Railway Society
91-1001 Renton Rd.
Ewa Beach, Hawaii 96706
(808) 681-5461

Mr. Jeff Livingston, 40&8 Project Manager


The Merci Train Facebook Group

The Hawaii car is currently undergoing restoration led by Hawaiian Railway Society member Jeff Livingston. He posts weekly updates of his progress as he prepares the car for a celebration to be held in Feb 2025.


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Although the historically minded among us will know that Hawaii was not a state in 1949, one would wonder why it has a boxcar. The residents of the Territory of Hawaii had contributed two boxcars of sugar to the Friendship Train's relief goods that went to France in 1947. According to the Evening Star of 28 November 1947, we also know that the 34 Lions Clubs of DC and Maryland District 22-C raised money and purchased 30-tons of flour for the Friendship Train. We do know that the French people wanted to make sure that expressions of their gratitude would reach those peoples in Hawaii and the Distirct of Columbia. Therefore they did designate one of the cars to be shared by those communities. Although we have not yet found any official reports that tell us how the gifts were split, Hawaii did receive the box car.

Preserved, but stored outside and long neglected, the Hawaii boxcar restoration began just prior to the COVID pandemic and was forced to immediately stop. Active restoration efforts began again in April 2022. As of January 2023 repairs to the frame have been completed to be followed by painting of the frame and installation of the floor. This is expected to be completed by March 2023 followed by insallation of the wood on the sides and ends of the boxcar."


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