Merci Train - Maryland

Maryland Boxcar Maryland Flag

The Baltimore & Ohio Museum
901 W. Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21223

(410) 752-2490

The Montgomery County Historical Society has four Merci Train items in our collection: a flax wheel, a miniature portrait of Marie Antoinette, a small model of the Arc de Triomphe, and a small wood sculpture depicting two people from Brittany. According to a newspaper article from 1949, the Maryland boxcar items were placed on exhibit at the Enoch Pratt library, Baltimore; representatives from the Society "bid on" these four items (the bidding process isn't described). Unfortunately, there are no records that indicate where other items were deposited.

Items listed above may be seen by appointment by contacting:

Joanna Church
Collections Manager, Montgomery County Historical Society
111 W. Montgomery Avenue
Rockville, MD 20850 - (301) 340-2825

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John Irving has taken some close up photographs of the Maryland Merci boxcar, which can be viewed below.
Thanks John.

Click on the images below to view the full size image

DSC04966 DSC04968 DSC04969 DSC04970 DSC04971
DSC04972 DSC04973 DSC04974 DSC04976 DSC04977
DSC04978 DSC04979 DSC04981 DSC04982 DSC04983
DSC04984 DSC04985 DSC04986 DSC04987 DSC04988
DSC04989 DSC04990 DSC04991 DSC04993 DSC04994
DSC04995 DSC04996 DSC04997 DSC05000 DSC05001
DSC05002 DSC05003 DSC05004 DSC05005 DSC05006
DSC05008 DSC05009 DSC05012 DSC05013 DSC05014

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