Merci Train - Alabama

Alabama Merci Train Alabama Merci Train

Alabama Flag

U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum
Paul Bolden Building
2060A Airport Road
Huntsville, AL 35801

Eli Geher - (256) 883-3737 - E-mail

A small collection of gifts, including a wedding dress, are held by the State Department of Archives and History at its museum in Montgomery, AL at 624 Washington Avenue.

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Wedding Dress - Ann & Myron Turner

Wedding Dress - Ann & Myron Turner

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Display at front of car

The display table in front of the car has a number of items of interest. The article on the back of the table describes the history of the Merci Train.

Car used as billboard

For many years, the car was used as a billboard for a state park located southeast of Huntsville.

Refurbishment pictures

The car was retired from its service as a billboard, renovated, and then displayed in the museum. This picture shows an in progress picture of the renovation and of the completed car with some of the people responsible for the renovation.

Above 3 pictures courtesy of John Irving

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