Merci Train - Montana

Restored Merci boxcar at new Ft. Harrison location
Restored Merci boxcar at new Ft. Harrison location
Pre-restoration Merci boxcar at old Montana Historical Society location
Pre-restoration boxcar at Montana Historical Society

Montana Flag

Montana Military Museum
Fort Harrison Complex
P.O. Box 125
1956 Mt Majo Street
Ft. Harrison, MT 59636

The Fort can be accessed from U.S. Route 12 (watch for signs to the Fort while driving west from Helena on Route 12) and turn north to Williams Street.

Photo ID Required for base access-Stop at gate at the fort and ask for directions to the museum.

Museum hours, 9AM to 4PM on Thursdays, call 406-324-3550 for appointment on other days.

The car is located behind the Military Museum. The car is available for viewing during normal Fort William Henry Harrison operating hours.

Colonel Ray Read - Museum Director


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Some gifts have been located at the Montana Historical Society (Note: This website will not display without accepting cookies),
P.O. Box 201201, Helena, MT 59620-1201
Contact Angie Murray at 406-444-4711 for more information. Hope to have photos soon


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